August 24, 2017

Overlook Project Update

We received word that the developer has submitted an application for a 98 home subdivision on Overlook Road on the parcel where he had initially proposed a 480+ bedroom apartment complex.  The site plans show the development having three cul-de-sacs essentially taking up the entire 25 acre parcel with two entrances onto Overlook Road – one lined up with Westridge Drive and the other further down the hill.  A copy of the site plans can be found here and a copy of the application can be found here.  Because of the hilly terrain, the developer will need to basically clear-cut the 25 acres of trees and grade the land.

Two immediate concerns jumped out at us.  First, traffic on Overlook Road is already congested and dangerous and the main entrance to this proposed subdivision is on a blind curve.  Second, with the removal of 25 acres of trees, one would expect severe stormwater run-off given the storms we’ve recently been experiencing.  This would impact the properties downhill including Crowfields.  We need your help again.  Here’s what you can do.

Though it seems crazy to us, the County does not require a traffic study for this development (note that the City of Asheville would have).  It is up to the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) to decide whether a traffic and safety study should occur.  Please contact NCDOT Division Supervisor Troy Wilson at 828-298-2741 or and ask him to ensure that NCDOT will require a traffic and safety study for this proposed subdivision.  Because City roads will also be impacted, please contact the City of Asheville’s Director of Transportation Ken Putnam at 828-259-5405 or and ask that the City also contact the NCDOT to require a traffic study.

We also want to make sure that the County takes the stormwater concerns seriously and requires a study as well.  Please contact the District 3 County Commissioners below to make sure the County will require a stormwater study:

  • Joe Belcher: or 828-250-4008
  • Robert Pressley:

In terms of next steps, the proposal will go before the Planning Board on September 18th.  This is essentially an administrative hearing to see if the proposal complies with the subdivision requirements (which it likely will).  The developer has also said that they will do town hall meetings.  We are working to set up a date.

We would appreciate your thoughts and feedback.  You can reach Vijay Kapoor at