June 9, 2017


The attorney for the developer, Derek Allen, contacted me today to inform us that the hearing on the proposed Overlook development is POSTPONED until Wednesday, July 12th at noon. He said that the developer wanted time to meet with residents about the proposal.

The HOA Board presidents of communities along Overlook Road are in the process of setting up a meeting with the developer’s attorney to learn more about the proposal. Before any Board of Adjustment hearing, we will insist on having public town hall meetings where residents can ask questions of the developer. We will continue to keep people informed via email, this website, our Facebook page ( as well as Nextdoor.

Additionally, please continue to FORWARD this email to your neighbors and ask that they email their names and addresses to Vijay Kapoor at to add their names to the over 400 people already opposing the development. This email group is the most efficient way for us to communicate with this large group.

Thank you for what you are doing. Again, regardless of the outcome, it’s clear that South Asheville needs to be organized to make sure that our voices are heard. We’ll be in touch soon.